About Us

At our core we are all about encouraging starting the financial literacy conversation with children early. Through our research we have found that in most households, regardless of economic status, financial literacy is often left out of the upbringing of most children. Yet, having a strong financial literacy background is one of the few disciplines that can change your child's life trajectory. To further compound this topic, financial literacy is not taught in most schools. As a result, we are dedicated to creating products that help children build a strong financial literacy foundation.  


How it Started

Our founder Romeo Jones, has always been passionate about numbers and business. At the young age of seven growing up in Detroit, MI. Romeo would dig worms out of the sandbox and ask his mother to take him down to the river to sell the worms to the fishermen. He soon shifted to offering to carry shopper’s groceries to their cars and shoveling snow for donations. He was always interested in generating income but no one ever talked to him about finances. Like most families finances wasn’t a topic discussed in his home.

It wasn’t until Romeo’s freshmen year at Florida A&M University that he had an epiphany about the world of financial literacy.  A professor had assigned the class to read the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. Romeo was taken aback by all that he had learned from reading this book and it was as if a new world had opened up to him. He increased his readings on wealth and studied how the common man could make his money work smarter not harder.

Romeo’s newfound knowledge allowed him to start his first business, a media company, BrownJones Imagining with his good friend, Carter Brown. Within two years the company captured 10% of the local market and the young entrepreneurs were seeing a great deal of success.

However, even with this new found success as a business owner, Romeo felt the need to enlist in the United States Army. It was during his first deployment to Iraq where he honed in on his investing skills. With his wife halfway around the world and pregnant with his first child, Romeo vowed to do everything in his power to teach his child about financial literacy and generational wealth. While deployed the young sergeant began to teach himself about investing in stocks and real-estate.

As time evolved and now as a father of two, Romeo began teaching his son about financial literacy at the young age of 8 with plans to do the same for his daughter when she becomes of age. Romeo started off with asking his son about what he wanted to be when he grew up. He gradually framed his son’s aspirations through the lens of the four quadrants; telling him that he could be anything he wanted to be in life but with the idea of being a Business Owner and Investor (right side of the quadrant) opposed to Employee and Self-Employed (left side of quadrant).

In 2020 Romeo decided to develop a list of 100 financial words and terms he wanted his kids to master. Upon sharing his list with friends who had school age children many of them started encouraging him to develop something that could be shared with parents and children worldwide. Thus, Financial Rewire was birthed in November 2020 with the idea of rewiring how families think about and discuss financial literacy in their homes. Ultimately encouraging parents to implement financial literacy early into their child’s upbringing.